Vision and aims

As an academy, we share the vision of our fellow schools within the Trinity Multi-Academy Trust: to ensure each and every one of our children receive an outstanding education that sets them on the path for life-long success.

We achieve this through ensuring that children are educated in an environment that is inspiring and nurturing so that they can achieve more. We do this through meeting our aims:

Our aims

  1. To create a safe, secure and caring environment.
  2. To provide equality of opportunity enabling all children to enjoy and achieve.
  3. To promote high standards of teaching, learning and behaviour.
  4. To give children their entitlement to a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum, including the National Curriculum, which is stimulating and challenging.
  5. To promote the cultural, moral and spiritual understanding of our children.
  6. To encourage and extend links with all stakeholders and value their contributions.
  7. To encourage children to be able to relate to others with confidence, respect and tolerance.
  8. To promote the development of skills which enable all pupils to adapt to a society which is increasingly ICT dependent